Panther 50th Anniversary


IPHP is not on the ground in Oakland at #BPP50 yet, but our friends are. Historian Jocelyn Imani attended the “Get In Formation: Black women lead” panel at Impact Hub gallery in Oakland. She took this photo while sitting inside the exhibition called “Sister Comrade.” The evening began with libations.

14608861_736102154723_6033767251476371344_oPhoto credit: Jocelyn Imani. All rights reserved.

Reflecting on the many exhibitions going on in Oakland to commemorate the Panthers IPHP co-founder Angela D. LeBlanc-Ernest reminds us to see what is right before our eyes:

“Perhaps the most telling gallery will be the many physical spaces within Oakland where these and many other former Panther women will present, speak, share and observe, their physical presence itself, with the landscape framing them, capturing them, many of whom have never appeared in a photo but whose lives, nevertheless, tell their story of love for family and community that drove them to sacrifice their lives.”

Please send us photos from Panther 50th anniversary gatherings that you attend on facebook!

Courtesy of Malik Edwards. All rights reserved.

October 15, 1966 marks the date 50 years ago that Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale decided to make it plain- to draft a 10 Point Platform and Program that captured the crucial issues facing Black Americans. While the founders were based in Oakland, California, a city with its own African American migration experience that brought along a host of issues specific to the San Francisco Bay Area, the political and socio-economic issues they listed could be applied to any urban area in America. The reunion theme, “Where Do We Go From Here,” 50 years later is the same question Martin Luther King, Jr. posited in his 1967 book of the same name. Please use the links below to find out more about 50th events.

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Black Panther Party Anniversary Conference and Calendar of Events

The Bay Area Celebrates the Black Panther Party at 50 (KQED)

Seven Must-See East Bay Exhibits That Honors the Black Panther Party’s Fiftieth Anniversary (East Bay Express)

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