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Selected Journal Articles and Book Chapters

  • Ode to our Feminist Foremothers: The Intersectional Black Panther Party History Project on Collaborative Praxis and 50 Years of Panther History,” By Mary Phillips, Robyn C. Spencer, Angela D. Le-Blanc Ernest and Tracye A. Matthews. to Souls: A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture and Society, Vol. 19, No. 3, July–September 2017, pp. 241-260.
  • Mary Phillips and Angela D. LeBlanc-Ernest’s: “The Hidden Narratives: Recovering and (Re)Visioning the Community Activism of Men in the Black Panther Party” Spectrum: Journal on Black Men 5 (1), October 2016. Read here: the-hidden-narratives
  • Mary Phillips, “The Power of the First-Person Narrative: Ericka Huggins and the Black Panther Party,” Women’s Studies Quarterly: The 1970’s, 43 (3 &4) Fall/Winter 2015: 33-51. Read here: journal-article-the-power-of-the-first-person-narrative-mary-phillips
  • Mary Phillips. “The Feminist Leadership of Ericka Huggins in the Black Panther Party,” Black Diaspora Review 4 (1) 2014: 187-218.
  • Angela D. LeBlanc-Ernest (co-authored with Ericka Huggins), “Revolutionary Women, Revolutionary Education: The Black Panther Party’s Oakland Community School” in Want to Start a Revolution? Radical Women in the Black Freedom Struggle, eds. Dayo F. Gore, Jeanne Theoharis, and Komozi Woodward, New York University Press, 2009, 161-184.
  • Robyn Spencer, “Engendering the Black Freedom Struggle: Revolutionary Black Womanhood and the Black Panther Party in Bay Area, California,” Journal of Women’s History, 20 (1), 2008: 90-113. (Winner of the 2008 Letitia Woods Brown Article Award awarded by the Association of Black Women Historians, 2008).
  • Tracye Matthews, “Gender Politics and Leadership in the Black Panther Party,” in Sisters in the Struggle: African American women in the Civil Rights-Black Panther Movement, edited by Bettye Collier-Thomas and V.P. Franklin, New York: New York University Press, 2001.
  • Tracye Matthews, “‘No One Ever Asks, What a Man’s Role in the Revolution Is'”: Gender and the Politics of The Black Panther Party” in The Black Panther Party Reconsidered ed. Charles Jones, Black Classic Press, 1998.
  • Angela D. LeBlanc-Ernest “‘The Most Qualified Person to Handle the Job'”: Black Panther Party Women, 1966-1982″ in The Black Panther Party Reconsidered, ed. Charles Jones, Black Classic Press, 1998.
  • Angela D. LeBlanc-Ernest, “Women in the Black Panther Party: An Interview with Angela Brown [LeBlanc-Ernest],” Socialist Review, 26 (1+2), 1996: 25-67.