Panthers Speak

This space is exclusively dedicated to the amplification of Panther voices. IPHP will help to disseminate the art, music, writings, public programs, and scholarship that Panthers are creating as they recapture their own history related to women, gender and sexuality. This list will continue to grow and develop over time.

Primary sources:
  • “Meet Women of the Black Panthers,” by Fredia A. Smith, Chicago Daily Defender, Jan. 24, 1970.
  • Primary sources on Panther women. Curated by Billy X Jennings at
  • Tarika Lewis performs “My Life As A Black Panther”, her personal story as the first female to join the Black Panther Party for Self Defense in 1967, her adventures in the Bay Area, how they impacted her life and the life evolving around her. This is Part 1.
  • Mama C. Urban Warrior of the African Bush.” Tells the story of Charlotte O’Neal—or Mama C as she is known—poet, musician, visual artist, spoken word artist and ex-member of the Kansas City Black Panther Party.


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